Tracking and Tracing solutions is based on a unique identifier generator and is capable to provide not only a unique identifier for consumer packaging of a tobacco product, but also unique identifiers for different types of packaging and different types of products for all economic operators from manufacturers and distributors to retailers.

Our solution can be adapted to your business needs and can track any product at all stages of its life cycle. It gives you easy and instant access to all important information and is ready to deploy immediately.

We create the future for you. Digital and transparent.

We contribute to the transparency of business processes and transactions throughout the supply chain, and our products ensure highest level of consumer protection.

Our technologies reveal the origin, authenticity and distribution path of each product in real time.

Added value

Brings unique benefits for all entities (public administration, manufacturers, distributors, customers)


Helps to make the entire business process transparent


Provides protection not only to the final consumer


Governments seek to ensure the collection of taxes and the application of laws and regulations. They need a reliable and secure ability to indicate whether a product is genuine or counterfeit on the market. meets all these needs and provides unique and secure product identification so that government agencies can work with confidence and complete control over the authenticity of products on the market.

We understand that it is important for you to control the entire supply chain, optimize it and fight illegal trade effectively. Your consumers are also increasingly demanding transparency and access to product information, including country of origin, composition, or product certification. will help you increase the transparency of your products and you will be able to build a superior trust of your customers. will help you increase the transparency of your products and you will be able to build a superior trust of your customers.

Our solutions bring better transparency and access to product information. You will verify important information about the products such as their originality, origin, expiration date, ingredients, allergens, certifications or other claims on the product.

Our sollution contributes to a more transparent business process and protects consumer rights.

Built on modern technology without vendor software
The solution is operable on premise / in cloud (regardless of the provider)
In full compliance with legislation
Fully in line with technical norms and industry standards
Scalable according to individual needs
Available for immediate deployment
Real time analytics available
ITIL compliant
ISO compliant
  • ID Issuer
  • Router
  • Secondary register
  • Analytical module

Our unique identifier contains comprehensive information about the manufacturer, type and origin of the product. The main advantage of our solution is full compatibility with the industrial and technical environment of the interested parties, as well as the generation of code in real time, which enables the smooth running of operations from production to sale and to the end customer.


The length of the unique UID is variable according to your specific requirements or according to the applicable legislation up to 50 characters. It consists of alphanumeric characters, including capitals, and its structure consists of three unique sequences that never repeat.


The algorithm was developed on the basis of a mathematical formula by leading scientists at the University of Zurich and Geneva, verified computationally at CUT Prague and STU Bratislava, thanks to which the probability of guessing is 10 times less than 1to billiard.


Thanks to our unique identifier, we can provide accurate information about issued codes, registered establishments and entities.

Fast and secure information flows from various economic operators with regard to the position in the retail chain are sent to a central database for further analysis on the basis of strict business rules. The router ensures the accurate and correct transmission of information and data, their classification and verification.

Global database of all data within our traceability system enables the analysis and control of regulated chains in order to prevent illegal trade, counterfeiting or other illicit trade. It is also able to detect possible deficiencies, errors and unwanted operations within the retail chain.

Our traceability system, includes a central secondary storage solution that contains a global copy of all distributed data. On this basis, the secondary data storage solution is able to offer a comprehensive logical view of all relevant data based on local data, which could be further exploited through various analyzes such as risk based analysis, suspicious pattern detection and others. Our secondary storage solution provides a secure Repository Routing component that facilitates the hassle-free transmission of events reported by distributors and manufacturers through a single point.

As part of the solution, we provide a platform for data collection and analysis from all processes. Export and cross-correlation of data provides us with a comprehensive overview in connection with the production and import of products according to individual parameters such as manufacturer, importer, product, target market, transport route and alike.

Based on the use of data from the modular system and mathematical operations, we can create forecasts of the development of revenues to the state budget from value added tax and excise duty on tobacco products. The solution also includes data export and a clear filtered display in active graphs and diagrams.

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